Are You Ready To Have Your Own Sustainable Garment Collection In Just 6 Months?

Get Clarity And Learn How To Execute Your Best Ideas & Work Your Plan To Finally Nail Getting Your Garment Collection Designed, Made And Produced.




Do any of these sound familiar to you: 

  • You are sick and tired of the progress you’re making. It's not fast enough and you don’t know who to trust with your designs ideas.
  • Not being able to express what you really mean and so you are being misunderstood. This is getting you nowhere when you are speaking to potential suppliers and partners.
  • It’s always been your dream to have your very own fashion brand and would be totally devastated and feel like you were living a pointless life if you did not achieve this.

Introducing "The Sustainable Garment Collection Mastery"

A brand new online program tailored specifically for aspiring fashion designers who want to get from sketchy concept with their ideas to fully complete garment collection, in the shortest amount of time, eliminating all the struggles and frustrations of not knowing how or what to do.

Whilst living a life of joy and excitement from the accomplishment of fulfilling the dream of having a fashion brand.

  • Accomplish Creating Your Sustainable Garment Collection So That You Feel Happy And Excited Every Time You See Somebody Wearing Your Clothes.
  • Never Again Be Left Struggling And Confused, Meaning You Can Communicate What You Want With Clarity To Build Your Team Of Experts And Suppliers.
  • Feel More In Control Of Your Ideas And Creativity So That You Gain Confidence And Trust In Yourself , Whilst Learning What You Love Doing, Along The Way.
  • Develop Your True Design Aesthetic So You Can Create A Winning Garment Collection, That Becomes Profitable And Makes Lots Of Sales.
  • Stop The Procrastination So That You Can Develop An Entrepreneurial Mindset Giving You The Freedom And Inspiration To Build Your Brand And Enrol Others, In Your Vision Along The Way.



This isn’t like any program you’ve seen or experienced before…

I’m sure you're sitting there thinking you’ve heard it all before and you’re wondering how this transformation

could be any different than everything else out there. 

Well, let me share a few things with you…

“The Sustainable Garment Collection Mastery” is like no other program out there.

Not only have I designed this specifically for aspiring fashion designers based on my 20+ years experience

as a fashion designer, most other programs out there will leave you…

  • Confused & Underwhelming: Lots of gaps with the information about the foundations of how to start with your ideas. So you are left with actually no concept of how to think these through for yourself,let alone speaking to potential partners and suppliers about them!
  • Left with a lack of motivation to get the job done afterwards. No interest to carry on with trying out your ideas, as baffled with actually knowing who to turn to first.
  • Still not knowing enough about ethical and sustainability practices following their program as it only skirted on some of the issues and not enough for you to have your “aha” moments to know how to apply these further.

The Sustainable Garment Collection Mastery will give you the tools to empower you to design, make and produce your collection.

Whilst giving you a 360 view and foundation from your vision, 

concept right through to product development and finished garment collection.

Giving you the fundamentals to then create your very own profitable ethical fashion brand, for you to live your passion.

Strengthen The Confidence In Your Creativity.

Banish The Not Trusting Yourself Mentality And Start Realising Your Expression To Be Able To Enrol The Experts And Your Team About Your Vision, To Make It Happen. 

Make Sense Of Your Sustainability Goals.

So They Will Empower You To Create A Strong Brand Ethos For Your Garment Collections Years To Come.

Clarity And Focus.

To Cut Out All The “Baby Step” Self Tutorial Videos You Are Watching To Actually Develop A Workable And Actionable Plan For Your Business.

Have A New Sense Of Freedom With Taking Actions.

So Your Full Garment Collection From Idea Conception, Design, Ideal Customer, Sourcing And Manufacturing Process, Gets Complete And Accomplished.




I’ve broken this program into 3 specific training and development phases:

phase n.1
Foundations of Your Visual Business Plan.

Figuring Out The Why, Who For And What You Are Going To Design, Make And Produce. Implementing A Design Plan For The Season Fit For Your Initial Ideas And Market Group.

phase n.2
Design Inspiration And Development.

Envision Your Ideas With Relevant Tools And Guides To Start Building Your Team, So You Can Communicate Effectively What You Want Them To Do. Whilst Gaining Invaluable Resources On Being Able To Source Correct Materials And Suppliers.

phase n.3
Sampling Your Design Range.

Best Strategies And Tips For Your Most Suitable Manufacturing Partners Whilst Building Your Knowledge With Sourcing Suppliers.

  • Discover new ways to turn your design inspiration into tangible commercial ideas, for your clothing range, that people will ultimately fall in love with and buy.
  • I’ll show you the exact same strategies, to build your sustainability goals for your business, which will take you from zero purpose to a fully fledged purpose driven brand.
  • Follow my step by step design, make and produce seasonal planning schedule. The fastest way to get from concept to finished product.
  • I take you through my winning formula, that will show you how to hire the right exerts, for your team.
  • I’ll teach you how to devise a well crafted target consumer profile, that will give you the framework to actually be able to sell to your chosen market, that will give you more exposure and sales.
  • I reveal my step by step techniques that will have you taking action, to source the right suppliers for YOUR brand, so you can establish amazing relationships, for years to come.
  • Learn simple approaches, to develop your signature garment range, that perfectly identifies your sustainability goals.
  • Get your hands on all my techniques to keep your mindset high vibe and what it takes to run a successful and profitable start up business.
  • You’ll learn all the steps and understanding of how and what it means to develop, design and make your garment collection.
  • The Mastery is 11 modules and includes Bonuses with Guest Experts. Members Facebook Support Group and Lifetime Access to the Course. And Weekly Q&A.

Here is what recent clients had to say:

When my client first approached me, she needed help with the designing and making of her first garment collection.

We worked together on a feasible plan , which included starting from scratch with , who her ideal customer is,

initial ideas for the collection and the beginnings of sustainable fabric sourcing.

Eventually she started to see an improvement in her garment collection being made and produced.

When my client first approached me, they needed help with next steps in how to create her garment collection .

We worked together on her vision, ideal consumer, market level, design development, the garment making process

and what sort of team she can build.

She eventually started to see an improvement in having more clarity with the new plan.

Whilst, also being better equipped artistically, to be able to take the next action steps further to start her own garment collection.

What You Get:


Module 1- The What, Why and How of Your 

Sustainable Fashion brand

  • Setting your goals
  • Defining your Sustainability Goals.
  • Creating your ICA
  • Crafting your Target Market
  • Planning your theme and inspiration


Module 2- You as the Visionary

  • The Visionary Road Map
  • Defining Your Vision & Mission
  • Your BIG why
  • Aligning with your Big Goals
  • Sharing your Vision


Module 3- Your Sustainability Goals

  • Ethical V Sustainable
  • Why Sustainability
  • Determine your social impact
  • Aligning your Brand story
  • Inventing your product


Module 4- Plan your work & work your plan

  • The Sustainable Fashion Brand Seasonal Blueprint
  • Working your plan
  • Building your team
  • Choosing the right experts and suppliers


Module 5- Inspiration and Design

  • Understanding Trends
  • Creating Themes
  • Planning your silhouette
  • Building Colour Palettes
  • Using Fashion Prints


Module 6- Branding

  • The 3 V’s (Voice , Vision , Value)
  • What's in a Name?
  • Your Brand Story
  • Understanding your customer
  • Educating your consumer
  • Creating your tribe


Module 7- Fabric Sourcing

  • Building your Fabric Range
  • Certifications
  • Local V Non local
  • Trade Shows
  • Troubleshooting


Module 8 - Design Development

  • From Inspiration to final garment range
  • Choosing the right fabrics for your range
  • Crafting your design aesthetic
  • Range Building
  • What is a TECH Pack
  • 2D V 3D


Module 9 - Sampling

  • Definition of Sampling
  • Product Development
  • Sealing and 1st fit sampling
  • Getting the Fit right
  • Product Costings


Module 10- Manufacturing

  • What they do & How it works
  • Onshore V Offshore
  • CMT & Factories
  • Certifications & Compliance
  • Lead times & MOQ
  • How to get the best from your supplier


Module 11

  • The BIG review
  • Scaling up
  • Planning ahead
  • Completion

And Here’s How I Know This Will Work For You... 

The Sustainable Garment Mastery is like nothing you’ve seen or experienced before. 

It’s not a quick fix sketchy outline of a course

where you end up feeling alone,

exhausted and that you are not good enough to reach your goals. 

This is a clear and focused program where you  learn the tools with knowing how you can create your garment range, 

who it is for and how to build the team that will help you to get your very own ethical

garment collection designed, made and produced.

And here’s how I’d do it…

If All This Programme Did For You Was…

  • Finally Helped You To Fulfill Your Dream Of Having Your Very Own Fashion Brand...Would This Be Worth It?
  • Gave You All The Knowledge, Tools To Be Able To Trust Your Suppliers And Know How To Speak To Them To Create The Garments You Crave To Sell...Would This Be Worth It?
  • Gave You ALL The Expertise Of Selling To Consumers , Designing And Making Garments To Be Able To Point You In  The Right Direction, As Well As Tell You When You Are Not Hitting The Mark...Would This Be Worth It?

And Because I’m So Confident This Brand New Programme WILL make you take action in creating

your dream ethical fashion brand

I Am Going to Guarantee Your Success. 

Put simply - I won’t let you fail.

I will show you how to fix your problems in the shortest time possible and stop you  procrastinating.

Whilst having you see how to creatively master the way to communicate your ideas effectively,

for yourself as well as the experts. So they can understand what you want. 

I have your back every step of the way and will give excellent value,

so you truly get what you came for. 

Taking actions is all about mindset, so my program will ensure that you are able to develop this,

to gain more clarity with your plan and make it easier to implement the knowledge you gain. 

If you don’t achieve the result you want, I will carry on working with you (1:1) until you get there.

Hosted By: Deborah Lewis

Fashion Mentor

Over the last 20 +years I have helped 100’s of individuals, like yourself, who were struggling , frustrated and procrastinating with getting they dream fashion brand out there in the world and showing them exactly how to hit that “sweet” spot with the perfect garment collection to sell to their idea consumer.

So, you're a creative and inspired kind of person.

You're days are packed full with doing things for others, that your personal needs take a back seat.

You hurry from one thing to another and when you get to bed, you're absolutely shattered with feelings of being trapped and unsatisfied.

You know that there has to be more, as you lie awake at night.

Something needs to change soon, as you fear breaking point.

I totally get it. I was in your shoes once.

A life of overwhelm and exhaustion, even though you are giving your best.

A life of survival.

It doesn't have to be that way.

For me, it's the small actions each day that make a change and a difference.

That's why I created The Sustainable Garment Collection Mastery, to move you from sketchy concept in your head to a fully made garment collection. 

Because I deeply believe that your life can be lived a much easier way, to gain more freedom.