Thinking Of Joining "The Sustainable Garment Collection Mastery" Or Just Curious How It Actually Works? Maybe You've Been Wondering How Easy It Is To Implement and If It Can Really Work For Your Brand?

LIVE FREE "How to Create YOUR Target Consumer" Masterclass

Finally Nail Understanding Who Your Target Consumer Really Is And How To Find Them!

With this LIVE FREE Masterclass 75-90 mins and Q &A WEDNESDAY 12th Aug 7PM BST.

With Deborah Lewis ( Fashion Mentor)

Who this is for: 

  • You’ve begun the steps (pre start up) with thinking about your sustainable fashion brand, but getting confused about who your target consumer would be.
  • You’re a few seasons in , with your brand and you kind of know (!), who your consumer is but have no clue where they are to be able to sell to them. 

Great to meet you.

Over the last 20 +years I have helped 100’s of individuals, like yourself, who were struggling , frustrated and procrastinating with getting they dream fashion brand out there in the world and showing them exactly how to hit that “sweet” spot with the perfect garment collection to sell to their idea consumer 

Think you don’t need help with starting your garment collection and can do it on your own?

Ive seen countless people try and do this on their own..and

Why? Because it takes  a whole lot of knowledge from the experts to actually get your garments designed, made and produced

I teach proven methods of being able to craft your perfect fashion brand from scratch and give workable actions and grounded knowledge in getting your garment collection completed.

And as trained fashion designer, you will learn from someone who “walks the talk” and not, as I see often “mentors” teaching this stuff with barely any training or industry experience. 

This totally frustrates me.

I want to see you winning, empowered, excited about taking those actions with your dreams. And boost your confidence and dispel the fears of not being able to express what you truly mean with your ideas , which then saps your confidence

If you haven’t tried to fix this problem before, there’s probably a reason why you haven’t, as you probably don’t know how to fix it. What’s stopping you from taking part and starting to get your ideas flowing for your dream fashion brand?

I’m committed you get the solid training that will set you up to be able to start the beginning of your journey to have your own ethical fashion brand.

You will get to keep all my methods I teach over my LIVE FREE "How to Create YOUR Target Consumer" Masterclass and be on hand all the step of the way to make sure you get “it”

There will be an opportunity to continue working with me, after the Masterclass is over, in "The Sustainable Garment Collection Mastery".

As im committed to your success, I put 100% into my Masterclasses and I’m expecting the same from you. That includes tons of engagement and implementation during the Masterclass.

Are you in?..

To your success!

Hosted by: Deborah Lewis

Fashion Mentor


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The Live will be via Zoom