Colour trends for fall/winter 2021-22 will be inspired by natural pigments, along with dramatic tones, used to provoke deeper emotions. Due to erratic weather reports, we will see more summer tones during winter time, due to the volatile changes in weather across the globe.


The colour trend illustrates a naturally inspired colour range that goes outside of traditional neutrals. For next season, shades like Harvest Gold (PANTONE 16-0948 TCX) and Pale Gold (PANTONE 15-0927 TCX) will be the warmer alternatives to beige. 

Also the mineral richness of grey tones like Pavement (PANTONE 19-3900 TCX), Blue Fog (PANTONE 15-4008 TCX) and Pelican (PANTONE 14-6305 TCX) will be largely accepted as the fashion “it” colour for the season.

Tech whites, such as Whisper White (PANTONE 11-0701 TCX) and Blanc de Blanc (PANTONE 11-4800 TCX), will be adopted as fashion staples for the snowy season.

Image source: unknown; pindesign ; Jennie Marie Schell; unknown.


Baroque precious, majestic, dramatic hues evoke luxury in its subtlest form. Decorated with pre-Raphaelite shades of coppery red, the new fabrics for fall/winter 2021-22 season will be of extreme character and depth. We will see a lot of a Rhubarb  tones (PANTONE 19-1652 TCX), especially for partywear.

Image source: unknown;; uknown;


Ranging from deep denim blue shades to the digital and saturated hues, this colour will remain an evergreen example of luxury and solidity. Think of the traditional Vallarta Blue-PANTONE 18-4034 TCX, or a Blue Coral- PANTONE 19-4526 TCX).Blue is also very versatile to use from womenswear,  menswear and  activewear. And especially in its newest, digital form of the Scuba Blue (PANTONE 16-4725 TCX).

Image source: Unknown; Philipp Lim; Salvatore Ferragamo; Suzanne Kasler; Ports 1961; Philip Thurston; unknown; unknown.


The trend for green tones for fall/winter 2021-22 season will be around vibrant, yet natural and earthy shades. This trend invites us to rediscover the idea, that each element in nature has a soul. The green colour palette channels the naturally inspired shades of an enchanted forest, from sparkling minerals to rich herbs and vibrant roots. Calm, earth tones reach new dimensions and richness, celebrating the beauty of mother nature. Cactus (PANTONE 18-0130 TCX) will become a must have tint in every closet with its luminous accent.

Source image: unknown from Pinterest


Polychromatic softness to sublimate femininity in all its forms: assertive, glamorous and sexy or else more romantic.The fashion market is expected to be more open to all the shades of pink for this season. In times of change and unpredictability, these hues will give a sense of sensitivity, kindness and softness.

A precious range in floral and woody half-tones, between a graceful and modernist femininity: be prepared to dress in Copper Coin (PANTONE 18-1537 TCX) and Peachy Keen (PANTONE 13-1208 TCX) alongside with more electric tint like Persian Red (PANTONE 19-1860 TCX).

Source Image: Unknown; Balmain; Slava Varsovia by Kasia Bielska; unknown; unknown; unknown;  Elie Saab; Elie Saab.