A pastel shade of green, coined “Green Wave”, will dominate the worlds of fashion and interiors in 2021.The colour trend predictor Lidewij Edelkoort talked about a new tendency with connotations linked to the planet, earth and all things natural.

What colour is the future?

Every year, trends forecasters release a new characteristic colour. Many brands of merchandise or design will focus on the colour of the year, and launch a series of “joint names”, so that people can get closer to life in terms of colour utilization.

As we approach 2021, the continuous advance in technology has inspired a whole mix of colour trends. It has also triggered a stand against technology in favour of a more natural world.

Recently, the Amazon forest fire has attracted international attention. It is believed that the importance of green plants to the earth is not long ago. The key colour released for Spring/Summer 2021 is called Quiet Wave, like walking in the woods.

When we admire Quiet Wave, we seem to be bathed in the calm wind. Looking at it seems to calm all emotions, just as green can stabilize mankind.

Image Source: Helene Rachel Kemp

Quiet Wave is not only optimistic and futuristic, but also represents the colour that we must retain and care about after 2021. This new directional colour heralds the start of a new decade, embodying an optimistic mood when advances in tech and science will take hold. 

According to trend forecasters, Quiet Wave is a gender-neutral colour with an oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature. The colour was picked by teams of forecasters following extensive research that included observing street fashion, big data, current affairs and social media, from which is becoming clear the importance of Quiet Wave – a shade that succinctly aligns futuristic development with nature.

Quiet Wave. Source Image: sjfzxm.com

Grass green, mint green, bottle green

Greens have been gaining ground for a number of seasons- and in a broader range of hues- but for Spring/Summer 2021, the freshest tones will gravitate towards cooler levels. Quiet Wave has an optimistic and futuristic quality, making it a perfect mood-setter for the start of a new decade. The inspiration here is less about nature, and more about technology, with its pale, detached character.

The need for green is so powerful that it will turn around fashion and design without any doubt, sprouting from different political, humanistic and survivalist sources it is impossible to ignore. 

But maybe the most important thing about green is its capacity to bring joy. Its energy and charisma are compelling and will help us be, combatting despair with optimism and happiness: joy seen as another form of activism.

Image source: Pantone.com, Pantone Home + Interior 2021

The process of composing a colour forecast: Li Edelkoort

Data harvested from online retailers is used in tandem with images posted on social media. Retail analytics divisions  track the sales of online retailers and analyse which colours are selling well. 

Trends forecasters are also trying to use social media as a vehicle to find out what’s happening in colour. In the past they used to go out on the street and look at what people are wearing, which they still do, but now they also look at influencers on Instagram.

Colour trends have a trickle-down effect. What is seen at an interior during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, or on the catwalk during global fashion weeks may not hit the high street for another couple of years.

Similarly, the current political climate and images seen on the news can influence the colours we wear. 

Trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort’s talk on future trends for the Spring/Summer 2021 helped confirm No Name Design Studio’s  stories for the season ahead after highlighting the importance on the new “green wave”, not just in colour but in action. Her talk focused on a mindset of healthier eating, reducing waste and living more consciously on this planet inspired by plants.Alarmed by the accelerating rate of global warming, the destruction and burning of our rainforests, we looked to nature, trees, the colour green, textures of the Earth, and celebrate nature and wildlife this season. We always consider sustainable design when developing our concepts, thinking about natural fabrication and a garments end life; our designs show inventive ways to implement sustainability into the design practice. Our goal is to inspire you to think sustainability too, because ethical and sustainable fashion does not have to  be boring, it can be beautiful.

How to wear Green Wave- Colour Palettes

Pair it with darker tones. It has been suggested by trend forecasters to be used as a contemporary alternative to grey. Here some colour palettes combinations from No Name Design Studio: