The colour palette for the Spring/Summer 2021 season, features a mix of strong but subtle tones, alongside some contrast.

These are ever evolving from the latest trends of nature and its inspiration.

Neon tones create a sense of wonderment and excitement for the upcoming  season, alongside a playful feel. 

A cultural mix is seen in the muted pastels verging on the greys and a tipping point is experienced with elegance and refinement.

Trend colour 1: Earth Mother

The first trend for Spring/Summer 2021 features colours that are high in luminosity and low in saturation; earth tones together with golden and orange hues.  Encapsulate your mind, by wearing these sophisticated and modern down to earth tones ,with saturated tonality: rich and warm colours evoke pleasant and cheerful feelings.

A subtle, dedicated  and graceful mood, evoking multicoloured decorated shades. From subdued lilac / ecru to punchier shades of rich, almost vintage retro red tones. These are not limited, to women’s wardrobe. We also see menswear dipping into a selection of these deeper shades.

Images Source: Pinterest. Credits: Unknown; Vogue Ukraine; Vogue Australia; Numero Magazine; Unknown

Trend colour 2: Bright Vitality

The second trend for Spring/Summer 2021 is lively and bold, to reflect long summer days in a tropical landscape. Combining plants and water, turquoise and yellowed greens.

The love for life is evident in this palette, made of yellows accompanied by a polychromatic choice, of green hues. These dynamic and eye-catching colours give a positive, energetic feeling.

Images Source: Pinterest. Credits: InVoga Magazine; Unknown; Unknown; Unknown;

Trend colour 3: Carnival Gala

The keyword for the third trend for Spring/Summer 2021 is freedom. To be daring with colours; a hedonistic freedom of dissonant associations for a showy, fun aesthetic. 

A mix of the bright and flashy, whilst keeping a sense of hedonistic sophistication. Unapologetic for its use of vigorous and bold colour combinations

Good for fresh and smart citywear for a playful and brilliant look. A celebration of colour we applaud you!

Images Source: Pinterest. Credits: Haper Bazaar USA by Sebastian Kim; Paper Magazine by JUCO; Unknown; Electric Editorial by Elena Iv-skaya; Dazed Delusion by Gabriel Isak