Save time with virtual sampling and bring fashion to life with the help of these design softwares.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) in fashion is the use of computer tools that assist a professional with the design stage of an item.

There are programs that provide you with 3d modelling of garments you are designing to make them the most realistic and detailed possible. While there are other programs that are mostly aimed for drafting the patterns, fabric design and the design of the embroidery or the embellishment of the garment.


There are many different programs that concentrate on different aspects of the fashion design stage and each one has its best bits. Brozwear helps to make creative designs and allows you to work faster. Romans CAD is a software that is mostly focused on the footwear industry and leather goods: it’s highly efficient in creating prototypes and allows the designer to make all the changes needed, to create a highly accurated product.


There are also many other programs, that cover this great tool for designers to help them make their lives so much easier, when it comes to the design of garments.

One of the top programs is CLO3d which is a design software that automatically generates colours and textures for you to add to your designs. It produces 3d designs which gives you a great visualization of the products you are making and how it would fit. The program helps you to design smarter and revolutionize your design process with true-to-life 3D garment simulation.

Get faster, increase accuracy, shorten your calendar, and expand your design capability.

And if you don’t know how to use it (or you don’t have time to learn how to use it), don’t worry: now No Name Design Studio provides CLO3d design service to give your designs more dimension and real time developments to instantly visualize any number of variations you want, no matter how eccentric or experimental they may be. Ask for more info about your project at