Surface pattern design has enjoyed a bit of a revival in recent years, with a new wave of illustrators and designers fuelling the growing trend for decorated objects, illustrated goods and aspirational home wares. Today we want you to join us into the design process that lead us from sketching a new print to the creation of an actual product for home interiors.

Trends observation
Our colour palettes are often guided by trend forecasting for fashion or interiors; if you’re taking your patterns to products, then you have to be aware of the market. For example, a suggestion we can borrow from the upcoming fashion trends for fall/winter 2019-2020 is African wax prints, that look stunning also for home decor and that we see as absolutely on-trend.

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We’ve seen this trend on the runways of many fashion houses, including Dior Cruise 2020 collection in which the models were draped in the exotic amalgamation of African wax print and Dior’s haute couture to shed light on cross-cultural fashion.

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Studying the pattern
African wax print is totemic of African fashion; its striking patterns and colours speak a desire for empowerment and pride in the African culture, and it’s a subliminal manifestation of their soulful longing for a better age after centuries of exploitation. Historically speaking, the wax print evolved from the Indonesian ‘Batik prints’ before Dutch and Scottish trading vessels hauled it to African shores during the 1880s. The wax print, despite its colonial subtext, is in fact a shared human heritage rather than an exclusive African heritage.

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Perhaps, there is merit in the metaphor that wax prints are ‘melting-pot fabrics’. Apart from how hot wax from the cauldron is used to create the distinctive patterns, this metaphor speaks volume about how culture, politics and history is visibly intertwined on the fabric. Every weave is infused with centuries-old traditions; every pattern conveys an unspoken story of Africa.

Colour palettes
In 2017, there were dusty pastel tones, and in 2018, there were deep jewel hues. We’ve followed the full colour spectrum in recent years, but this year, we’re loving bold primary colours: Bold rusty reds, deep indigo blues, and bright mustard yellows are at the forefront of the latest décor collections. So if you want to make sure to create a design that is on-trend for fall/winter 2019-2020, choose your colour palettes accordingly: you can also adopt a combination of all these colours to go full-on maximalist with a bold motif and create a statement decor. For our prints we have developed the colour palettes that you can see below:

Choose your canvas
The bravest could delight themselves into a total african look but interior designers suggest to choose one single wax item, being it a batch of pillow cases, or a lamp cover, and place it strategically to make it a new focal point for the room. In our case we’ve chosen a printed cushion as the product to better display our design. Printed pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up your lounge room or bedroom. What’s a luxury sofa without a stylish cushion arrangement? Not only are cushions functional essentials, they’re also your sofa’s seasonal outfit changes- a way to dress up, dress down or style any sofa just as you’d like it. While walls and furniture are often best left neutral for practicality purposes, cushions can be as wild with print as you like. A printed Missoni cushion can dress up your room in a similar way that of the house signature pattern scarves dress up its fashion clients.

Here’s the final product with the prints we’ve created. If you like these prints, they’re available to purchase in our Shop section.

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