No Name Design’s colour and materials experts foresee the colours that affect the fashion market, for Fall/winter 2020-2021 and beyond. The team reveal the essential shades fundamental to the season’s palette, for clothing, accessories and footwear. Each season, No Name Design’s full colour forecasts, and fabric colour reporting identify commercial value and longevity. Analyzing each trend and offering the best for your brands collection.


In autumn / winter 2020-2021 the fabric designs will increasingly turn to the cozy comfort of home as inspiration, which will give rise to surfaces and sensory materials with a pleasant touch.

As seen on the yearly Pantoneview Colour Planner for fall/winter 2020-2021, the concept of the nest is fundamental for our very existence. Our desire to create a nest is profound: it could be a safe place, a place of our mind, a group of people or something completely different. While we choose the colours for our nest for the Fall / Winter 2020/21 season, the strong saturation shades complement the modern and strong pastel colours and the soft natural colours with texture. The reflection and shine are integrated with the perception and use of colour.

Reconnecting with nature will be a particular focal point of the season trends that will produce practical and durable pieces, while recycled tailoring will present a vague interpretation of sustainability. Sartorial constructions are developed: to update the elaborate forms, vegan leather and recycled patches will be used.

Designer: Hannah Vail @hanclothingofficial

Sustainability continues to grow in importance with the wealth of knowledge we have about garment production. Sustainable products are becoming easier to come by and many designers are adopting better practices. The growing selection makes it a widely accepted trend by 2020. We meet a general return of quality recycled materials, now incorporated into innovative applications to attract youth markets. A mix of tradition with futuristic features, the vision of nature with a techno twist.

Credits: Rob Bryant


What about colour trends? For fall/winter 2020-2021 inspiration will come from the digital colours applied to ecological snake, crocodile, alligator and reptile skins in organic textures: the artificial tones inspired by digital culture are combined with the earthy rugged neutral tones that connect us with nature.
This vivid variety is tempered with the sophisticated tone French Navy and the grey, which will emerge as key neutral of the season and will mark the way for the return to minimalism.

Celadon will be a main colour for autumn / winter 2020-2021, as the influences of sportswear are evolving. Combining it with whimsical blue tones creates a vibrant update of the winter attire to tone.
Teal colour can be used to raise familiar neutrals too; “Deep Lichen” and “Icicle” also highlight the importance of greens this winter season.
The primary tones are still important for designs with sports inspiration, but this season the shine is softened, in contrast to the saturated and neon colours of the previous seasons.
The color palettes adapt to the trans-seasonal trend with a sophisticated, snowy pallor for women to infuse a renewed approach to the clothing and accessories categories.

A reassuring mood emerges for the fall/winter 2020-2021 season, as comforting tones appeal, spiked from time to time with sharp brights. The colour palettes take on a sense of nostalgia and simplicity, a feeling of bright tones altered down. Far from looking faded, they are calmingly strong.