We’re feeling inspired by the clashing cultures and colours of Hassan Hajjaj: La Caravane . The captivating show at Somerset House features vibrant photographs of Moroccan woman bikers from his Kesh Angels series. The portraits juxtapose Moroccan traditions and pop culture, challenging western stereotypes of North African women.

Although wearing traditional garments, the women appear as powerful and independent
individuals through the bold combination of contrasting patterns and colours.

We especially love the pop art style frames of Moroccan food and drink cans.

The second room is dominated by an installation from Hajjaj’s My Rockstars series. A row of
nine screens act as digital portraits, each screen dedicated to a different musician who perform
in turn while the others appear to listen.

As in the earlier portraits, the musicians are presented as powerful and dynamic individuals.,
uniquely dressed and performing against brightly patterned graphic backdrops.

The final room offers an up close look at some of the accessories made by Hajjaj and worn by
the models in the portraits. Don’t miss the display of fantastic frames!

The exhibition’s culture clash of patterns echos the global print mix that continues to be a driving
catwalk trend, updated perfectly for high summer and swimwear by the bright bold palette.

Check out our collection of prints inspired by the show here:
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Details about the exhibition: can be found here:

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Hassan Hajjaj’s new London exhibition blends Moroccan street culture with pop art appropriation